How to Add Curb Appeal on a Budget

The first step to getting people to come into the house is appealing to them from the curb, otherwise, they'll drive right by. What is realistic and what's just a little overboard?
Have you ever watched home remodeling shows? Often, they focus on curb appeal. They will redo everything. They repaint the house, build a deck, put in full-grown trees, re-pour the sidewalk … everything you can possibly think of, and they spend a fortune. But is this realistic when preparing your own home for sale? Probably not.
Here are some no-nonsense tips for freshening up your house and adding a little curb appeal without spending a fortune.
Watch the video.

First, remove any toys or clutter from your yard—that garden gnome has got to go. You may also want to consider renting a power washer to freshen up the exterior of the house. A nice, clean exterior makes all the difference in the world. If the trim and front door hasn’t been freshened up in a while, you’ll want to repaint them too. Take a look under the eaves—if they're not painted it's a dead giveaway they weren't done properly! While you’re on the ladder, clean out the gutters and make sure they’re tightly fastened. Finally, replace any broken pavers, plant some fresh flowers, and freshen up the mulch.

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