The Best Hand-Made Halloween Treats in Los Angeles


Beware! When passing by our house on Halloween as we aim to scare you to near-death before rewarding you with any candy. My husband Tim and I embrace Halloween with all our imagination and every year inspires new decorations and costumes. Halloween is not lost on us and it really is one of our favorite times of year to cut loose a little and give to our community of trick-or-treaters. Admittedly, we like to indulge in treats too, but a more sophisticated brand is the way we justify the calories.

For Halloween costume parties or just a fun way to celebrate October, here are a few of our go-to places around town that go out of their way to offer us adults scary and delicious sweets that you and your guests will love.

Cake Monkey

Mini size Mummy Cupcakes, decorated mini layer cakes, and Goshtwiches. Spooky El Rollos (pictured at the top). All from Cake Monkey
Famous for their homemade version of childhood favorites like Ho-Hos and Poptarts, Cake Monkey’s single-serving cakes are perfectly sized delicacies. This year they promise to have an assortment of Halloween goodies like Spooky El Rollos and Mummy Cupcakes. Cake Monkey is located at 7807 Beverly Blvd.

Salt and Straw

Creepy Crawly Critters ice cream at Salt & Straw
Salt & Straw is slowly becoming everyone’s favorite ice cream shop. With new twists on traditional flavors, Salt & Straw also introduces us to unexpected combinations that wow the palette. Flavors are hand-made in small batches in local kitchens using only all-natural cream from nearby farms and the best local, organic, and sustainable ingredients. In addition, they have Vegan options.

Here’s a lineup of their other scary yet tempting flavors:

• Dracula’s Blood Pudding: Crafted for this year’s Halloween “thrill shreekers,” a heady combination of warm spices and cream are mixed into real blood pudding and then spun in our ice cream laboratory.

• The Great Candycopia: Your whole trick-or-treat haul turned inside out and jammed into an ice cream machine as salted butterscotch ice cream gets loaded up with homemade snickers, whoppers, heath bars, and peanut butter cups.

• Essence of Ghost: A thrillingly light and chillingly cold flavor that will make you think you’ve just tasted an apparition. Frigid sherbet quickly gives way to lingering smokiness, while notes of bitterness keep your taste buds guessing as to what they just experienced.

• Freckle & Hyde Potion: Captures the transformative taste of Dr. Jekyll’s infamous potion! Cranberry sorbet freckled with dark chocolate battles against bitter melon coconut sherbet with coconut ash coated pop rocks, like two sides of a personality.

Top Tier Treats

Graveyard cake by Top Tier Treats
Top Tier Treats is a 100% from scratch custom cake and dessert shop, so they can do endless custom Halloween designs, but they do have some Halloween treats on hand. They also make vegan cakes that are so delicious I had one made for my wedding. For a dinner or costume party, order 4-5 days in advance any one of these cleverly decorated cakes. You won’t be disappointed.

Custom cakes by Top Tier Treats

Compartes Chocolatier

Truffles and Spicy Mexican hot chocolate bars by Compartes
This L.A. original chocolatier has all the makings of its finest European counterparts. Hand-made from all-natural ingredients, Compartes boasts over 150 seasonal varieties of gourmet chocolates, chocolate truffles, chocolate-dipped fruits, chocolate bars, and more. For the Halloween season, they scare us with their infamous Mexican hot chocolate bars with a kick of spicy cayenne pepper and sweet cinnamon and Mexican hot chocolate truffles with skulls on them. We recommend heading down to their new Century City location, designed by Kelly Werstler, for their proprietary frozen hot chocolate with a pumpkin chocolate topper. It’s a double treat to experience the spectacular Deco-inspired interior.

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